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Decoupled Design Systems with Web Components

Gatsby Room

Jake Strawn

At Phase2, we have revolutionized how we develop every web project by starting with the foundation—a robust, platform-agnostic design system built with Web Components.

Phase2, like many digital agencies, has been implementing Drupal-specific design systems representing short-sighted visions of component based design for years. Our frontend team has created a foundation to prevent reinventing frontend component libraries when a project or client needs to pivot backend frameworks and technologies that may be incompatible with the existing component library.

Phase2 design systems are powered by our latest in open-source tooling, Outline. Outline has helped us evolve to life beyond Drupal, providing the same components to React, Gastby, Vue, Angular, .NET consumers, and more! Outline has modernized our Drupal projects and standardized our frontend tooling. The standardization of technologies has helped developers rapidly onboard new projects, saving on costs and lost time.

In this session we will guide you through some of the inner workings, benefits and features of Outline, and why you should consider adopting it for your project or organization.

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