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A glimpse into content modeling wonderland

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Henrique Doro

If we had a magic wand, how would we improve content modeling workflows? In this talk, I'd explore this question, proposing a vision of what modeling could look like if it brought strategists, designers & developers together in a cohesive, integrated process.

In the session, I'd take the audience through a possible answer, with a mix of existing tools and imaginary, but reachable, ones. We'd begin with a problem statement for a project that benefits from content strategy. I'm still deciding on the brief - I want to relate it to climate action. Then, we'd move into:
1. workshopping the high-level view of the different entities of our model - what are they, how they relate
2. defining entities' sentence-case specifics, such as what are their attributes/fields
3. writing sample content and testing the model as we iterate on it
4. seamlessly using this content in our UX/UI design
5. auto-generating content queries and front-end code that match the design
6. once happy with the results, pushing our content platform live for actual production work by editors

All done in a single, integrated and collaborative environment, with the team getting together in real-time.

This talk will be exploratory and won't rely on previous knowledge of any tool or discipline. Hopefully, beginners would leave with enthusiasm for the field of structured content, and old-timers would be invited to rethink portions of their workflow in favor of greener pastures.

I'll write/perform this to be an invite for play & wonder, not a challenge/trend that the whole industry must follow. I believe better results are achieved from desire than obligation 😁

PS: open to renaming, reframing, rethinking, of course!

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