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Scaling and Speeding the Decoupled Web With Gatsby's real-time syncing and serverless builds

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Kyle Mathews

Gatsby Cloud has applied the ideas from real-time streaming architectures like Spark to websites.

Traditional static site generators follow a batch processing model which means websites that need fast updates must turn to traditional SSR and lose the benefits of static sites (atomic deploys, easy caching, fast sites).

The popular belief is there's a fixed dichotomy between SSGs and SSR where SSGs are great for sites you don't update often but SSR is required for sites with dynamic updates.

Gatsby Cloud challenges this dichotomy by offering a new and third way to update websites with its real-time streaming architecture which gives you atomic deploys with most builds well under 10s.

This session will be a deep-dive by the founder of Gatsby into how Gatsby Cloud's streaming architecture works and how Gatsby enables software teams to repeatedly ship high quality, low maintenance headless CMS websites.

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